Experienced Brighton hypnotherapist offering hypnotherapy services in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex & West Sussex including easibirthing, hypnobirthing, stop-smoking, weight-loss, self-confidence, anxiety, stress, relaxation, phobia, fear, self-esteem, public speaking

Guided Relaxation Sessions in Brighton & Sussex

Time out to De-stress, Re-energize, Calm, Simply Be

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"I found the relaxation and visual meditation sessions most enjoyable and beneficial. They had a very calming influence and Isabel has a wonderful melodic voice"
DW Hove

"I am amazed at how powerful my experience with Isabel and hypnotherapy has been. Having regrettably been a smoker for well over a decade now, I was skeptical of my ability to quit, and reluctant to believe I ever would.

I am very proud to say that since my therapy with Isabel I have not only not touched a cigarette, I have genuinely not wanted to. Dare I say, it has actually been one of the most effortless Herculean efforts I have ever made. I, my wallet, my family, and most importantly, my body, cannot thank you enough Isabel!" - JH, Brighton

Hypnotherapy in Brighton & Sussex

Hypnotherapy is a treatment that has been used for many centuries to help people with all manner of problems. It is a very effective way to treat all kinds of emotional or nervous problems, those problems affecting our daily life.

It has been used successfully in helping people to build self-confidence & self-esteem, to lose weight, stop smoking, lessen stress, anxiety, fears & phobias and much more.

It is a natural state, in which a hypnotherapist can bring out the inherent potentials that already lie within a client, and allow positive change and healing to take place.

Please call or email Isabel Woods, if you would like to discuss or make an appointment for a free 30 minute initial consultation to discuss your issues and see if hypnotherapy would be beneficial to you. Isabel works in Brighton & Hove and the surrounding East Sussex and West Sussex areas. Email: isabel@hypnotherapyis.co.uk Tel: 07888 731536

"Hypnotherapy worked wonders for me, I found the experience both relaxing and empowering and was amazed how the treatment created change in me at the deepest level." - CP, Brighton

The Hypnotic state is usually described as a state of deep relaxation, somewhere between being awake and asleep. In this relaxed state it becomes much easier to convey positive suggestions to the subconscious mind that will aid in changing negative behaviour and breaking bad habits.

"Having unsuccessfully tried to give up before I was really worried that I would just be unable to give up and would be compelled to be a smoker forever, however I found with the hypnotherapy that it just got easier and easier as time went on and it truly was easy to give up." - PT, Henfield, West Sussex.


Isabel is an Easibirthing Practitioner offering hypnobirthing in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex and West Sussex. The easibirthing® method is the UK model of hypnosis for childbirth, developed 12 years ago, in conjunction with UK midwives, adapted from the Hypnobirthing model.

The benefits of using the easibirthing method include;

  • Anxiety Management -The reduction or elimination of fear, and the ability to remain relaxed
  • A Positive Approach to Labour and any type of Birth
  • Shortening the Length of Labour
  • Reducing the chances of the need for Medication
  • Pain Reduction - Help in alleviating the Fear, Tension, Pain cycle, resulting in alleviation of pain.
  • Self Hypnosis - Simple Relaxation Visualisation Techniques
  • Connecting to your natural instincts for labour and birth
  • Calmer, more Laid-Back Baby
The treatment consists of 5 sessions and is suitable for parents to be who are at least 25 weeks pregnant.

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