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What hypnotherapy helps and session prices

Self Confidence & Self Esteem 4-6 sessions £45 / £40 per session

This covers a number of issues including Public speaking, Presentation giving, Confidence in social situations and group work, Personal fulfillment, Achieving goals and Relationships of all kinds. Looking at the clients past, present and future we can find the causes and effects of the issues and move to create positive changes.

"I suffered from work related anxiety and found it very difficult to speak in large meetings. I felt this problem was hindering my career progression and decided to visit Isabel. Her warm personality and professionalism enabled me to relax and for the sessions to work! I changed my job and i'm now working in a role where large meetings are a regular part of my week. Isabel's hyponotherapy sessions gave me belief in myself and my abilities."

Weight Loss Motivation 4-6 sessions £45 /£40 per session

We look at what triggers overeating, perhaps it is used to help deal with stress or perhaps food is used as a comforter and we look at finding other ways to deal with these causes. Highlighting problem foods and finding practical ways of incorporating exercise into day to day life. Looking at how the issue of weight and food was treated during childhood in order to find the root causes of the problem.

"After the hypnotherapy sessions, my eating habits changed completely. My favourite foods are healthy - I happily say ''no thank you'' to second helpings. My weight has dropped and I feel so good that I can sometimes jog!"

Stress, Anxiety, Fears & Phobias 4-6 sessions £45 /£40 per Session

Hypnotherapy can be extremely effective for reducing stress and/or anxiety levels. Whether you need help for a 'one-off' situation like a driving test or job interview for example, or a more persistent and possibly deeper-rooted problem. Although it may seem impossible to you now, if you have a phobia, hypnotherapy can help to remove or at the very least reduce the problem, allowing you to be free of the fear and do the things that you want to do.

"A combination of difficult personal issues at home, and dealing with the increasing pressures of modern business and professional life, were causing me to experience a high degree of tension and a sense of loss of confidence in my abilities to cope withy day to day problems. After a course of sessions I noticed a lessening of anxiety and a returning feeling of self confidence combined with a new optimism in the future. Isabel demonstrated a very sensitive holistic approach to my needs based on a careful assessment of my more obvious problems, combined with seeking to understand me as a person. She helped me to rediscover my own safe inner space which I carry with me today. I will always be deeply grateful to her."

Smoking cessation, nail biting, unwanted habits

Using Hypnotherapy to help you to control your unwanted habits, can lessen any urges or cravings that may possibly be felt using will power alone. After receiving hypnotherapy it can soon feel be as though the unwanted behaviour is a thing of the past, leaving you free to move on without it.

"I had never had hypnotherapy before and was a little apprehensive, however Isabel reassuringly explained the process and what to expect. The hynotherapy made me feel really calm and after I was extremely positive that I could tackle my issue of biting my nails, which I haven't done since."

Stop Smoking 2 sessions (1 person) £100/£90

Stop-Smoking with a partner (2 people) £120/£100

Stop Smoking together with a friend or partner

This is especially designed for friends and couples who would like to stop smoking and attend the programme and hypnotherapy sessions together.

Taking part in this programme with a partner means that you can come along to the sessions with someone rather than on your own.

"After a treatment with Isabel I was transformed from a reluctant but dedicated smoker who wanted to quit into a new non-smoking version of myself.

This presented an immense shift for me in how I viewed myself and therefore previous behaviour was no longer appealing – I didn't miss smoking because as a non-smoker I had no desire to do so. This also meant that I didn't experience the withdrawal and anxiety associated with quitting and haven't had the desire to smoke since – so thank you Isabel for working your magic!"

Guided Relaxation Sessions in Brighton & Sussex

Time out to De-stress, Re-energize, Calm, Simply Be

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"I found the relaxation and visual meditation sessions most enjoyable and beneficial. They had a very calming influence and Isabel has a wonderful melodic voice"
DW Hove