Experienced Brighton hypnotherapist offering hypnotherapy services in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex & West Sussex including easibirthing, hypnobirthing, stop-smoking, weight-loss, self-confidence, anxiety, stress, relaxation, phobia, fear, self-esteem, public speaking

Practical info about my Brighton & Sussex hypnotherapy sessions

How long is a session and what takes place?

Sessions usually last around 1 hour and a quarter, depending on the depth of the issue. The session generally consists of the client and therapist talking about the issue and then around 45 minutes of hypnotherapy. We look at how the issue has affected you in the past and where the problems stem from, how the issue affects your life in the present and how it may affect the future. As we talk through your issues we look at practical ways of changing negative past and present behaviour to bring about gentle positive beneficial change, with the help of hypnotherapy.

Clients can either come to a treatment room in Brighton or Isabel can come to your home.

Suggestion Therapy

This therapy uses a combination of hypnosis and psychotherapy, also known as Clinical Hypnosis, and introduces carefully selected positive suggestions into the sub-conscious mind. Suggestion hypnotherapy is a relaxing and gentle approach to hypnotherapy, where the client is helped to feel calm and relaxed during the hypnotherapy session, and where the therapist can use carefully worded 'suggestions', to help the person bring about a positive change. It's often used for treating habits or behaviour such as nail biting or smoking cessation, confidence boosting, driving test nerves. When you change the thought, you change the behaviour and consequently change the action.

Usually one to three sessions will be sufficient.


This is used for the more deep-rooted problems and looks at the originating cause of the problem fears, emotional problems, relationship difficulties, panic attacks, lack of confidence, anxiety, inferiority complex, phobias, etc. and most other problems where there is a psychological factor at work. This involves regressing the client back into their past, often to childhood and looking at where the problems stem from and then setting about healing the unresolved issues. Locating the senstizing event(s) in someones past that have created problems whilst in the hypnotic state with the help of a hypnotherapist, can provide extremely effective relief and help.

Hypnotherapy can reach areas and resolve problems that have not been helped by conventional therapies, such as counselling or psychotherapy.

Subconscious belief is a most powerful factor in successful living, it determines our behavioural patterns. Our subconscious beliefs contribute to determining whether we will succeed or fail, be happy or sad, sick or healthy.

Analytical therapy usually involves 5 -6 sessions.

Guided Relaxation Sessions in Brighton & Sussex

Time out to De-stress, Re-energize, Calm, Simply Be

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"I found the relaxation and visual meditation sessions most enjoyable and beneficial. They had a very calming influence and Isabel has a wonderful melodic voice"
DW Hove