Easibirthing hypnobirthing in Brighton & Hove, East Sussex & West Sussex

Easibirthing® (also known as Hypnobirthing) — Hypnosis for Childbirth

  • Would you like a birthing experience that is more positive?
  • Would you like a shorter labour?
  • Would you like to use less pain relief and have less risk of a medical intervention?
  • Would you like to feel more calm and in control during labour?

The easibirthing® method is the UK model of hypnosis for childbirth, developed 12 years ago, in conjunction with UK midwives adapted from the Hypnobirthing model and is suitable for mums-to-be who are at least 25 weeks pregnant. Isabel is one of a few easibirthing® registered practitioners throughout the UK.

The calm confident childbirth classes teach Relaxation, Self Hypnosis, Visualisation, Breathing Methods & Pain Management Skills to prepare the mind and body for Labour and Birth, allowing Mums and Dads-to-be to go into labour feeling calm, confident and in control.

        "I can't thank you enough for helping to make my daughter's birth such an amazing experience. I spent the first 12 hours of labour at home without pain relief and the hypnobirthing helped me no end. I used lots of the visualization techniques that we learned in our sessions and your voice on the CDs in the background kept me calm during the toughest moments.

        Once I was admitted into hospital (dilated at 5cm) I was the only woman (out of 6) who didn't opt for an epidural because I was managing the pain so well. This meant I could spend the rest of the labour in the birthing pool and hence have a totally natural and very special labour.

        I highly recommend that every pregnant woman takes a hypnobirthing course and I think you are a brilliant instructor (or whatever the word is)."

Childbirth can be one of the most natural and beautiful experiences a woman can have. In other cultures childbirth is regarded as a natural & normal event but in our culture it has become seen as a medical condition and an ordeal. Instead of giving birth easily and without fear naturally, over time, our society seems to have set us up for a highly medicalised, stressful time with intervention being the norm. In our present culture, birth is all too often viewed with apprehension, if not dread. It does not need to be like this. The greatest factor influencing whether it is a wonderful experience or not are your own expectations and attitudes and easibirthing® sets out to support and help you to look at these rationally, calmly and positively.

For a birthing partner attending theses classes, easibirthing® will make the difference between being a mere bystander and enjoying an incredible experience and being actively part of everything that is going on.

It does not guarantee that birth will be pain-free, without complication or medical intervention. However, research has shown that those using hypnosis are more likely to have lower levels of pain or discomfort as well as a lower level of intervention.

Easibirthing is used as part of Salisbury District Hospital NHS Trust's parent education programme. There are many similarities to the American Hypnobirthing model, although the Easibirthing model offers more flexibility.

There are 5 relaxed sessions of approximately 1½ hours each, which both the expectant mother and birthing partner (if possible) attend.

        "My labour was very difficult as my baby got stuck 'back-to-back' but I coped with it incredibly well because of Isabel's beautiful soothing voice keeping me in a very relaxed and peaceful place. I managed on nothing but gas and air and Isabel's hypno CD's for over 12 hours, I was so chilled out I kept falling asleep between contractions.

        I think every woman preparing to have a baby should use hypnobirthing. I only wish I had had the chance to have a natural delivery rather than a C Section and use all the wonderful birthing techniques she taught me."

A free CD of each session is given to take home and listen to between sessions and whenever required.

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"I found the relaxation and visual meditation sessions most enjoyable and beneficial. They had a very calming influence and Isabel has a wonderful melodic voice"
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